The cosy restaurant in Saas-Fee Wildi and the quaint atmosphere make this restaurant unique.

Enjoy the following local specialities e. g. :

  • Raclette
  • Cheese-Fondue
  • Walliser Teller

We collect you at the METROBAR in the centre of the village across the pharmacy if wanted.



Soup of the day
CHF 8,-
Kleiner gemischter Salat
Small mixed salad
CHF 8,-
Grosser gemischter Salat
Big mixed salad
CHF 14,-
Sausage salad
CHF 20,-
Hobelkäse 50 gr
Shaved cheese 50 gr
CHF 23,50
Hobelkäse 100 gr
Shaved cheese 100 gr
CHF 23,50
Hüttenteller 100 gr (Rohschinken, Trockenfleisch, Hobelkäse, Speck, Saaserwurst)
Hut dish 100 gr (Ham, dry meat, shaved cheese, bacon, sausage)
CHF 23,50



Cordon Bleu
Porksteak with ham and cheese
CHF 30,-
Huftstreak vom Rind 150 gr mit Pfeffersosse oder Kräuterbutter
Sirloin 150 gr beef with pepersauce or herbbutter
CHF 30,-
Entrecote 200 gr
Entrecote 200 gr
CHF 35,-
Walliser Steak (Schweinesteak mit Tomaten und Käse)
Walliser Steak (Porksteak with tomatoes and cheese)
CHF 29,-

Beilagen nach Wahl: Gemüse und Rösti / Pommes Frites / Sauerrahm-Kartoffeln

Side dishes: Vegetables and Rösti / French Fries / Baked Potatoes with Sour Cream



Spargetthi Carbonara
Spargetthi Carbonara
CHF 19,-
Penne Pomodore
Penne Pomodore
CHF 19,-
Halbe Portion jeweils
Half portion
CHF 12,-



Älpler Maggeroni (Mit Käse und Apfelmus)
Alpler Macaroon (with cheese and apple puree)
CHF 19,-
Käseschnitte nach Art des Hauses
Penne Pomodore
CHF 19,-
Hütten Rösti ( Mit Käse, und Ei)
Hütten Rüsti (With chesse and egg)
CHF 19,-
Raclette pro Portion
Raclette per portion
CHF 8,-



Käsefondoue (200 gr) pro Person
Cheese fondue (200 gr) per person
CHF 27,-
Bourguignonne (200 gr)  Fleischfondue per person
Bourguignonne (200 gr) Meat per person
CHF 43,-
Chinoise (200 gr) Fleischfondue pro Person
Chinoise (200 gr) Meat per person
CHF 43,-


Table request


The reservation takes palce, if your request is confirmed by E-Mail.